Charlottesweb Brand Review

Charlotte’s Web: A Brand Review & 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Did you know that CBD products can be beneficial? You would think that its only use is for pain reduction. But that is not true. CBD products can be a life savior for many more things. They can help you with your everyday stress, get more healthy-looking skin, increase your focus, or even get better sleep. They can even help your dog too!

So, if you want to improve your overall general wellness, make sure to get on to Charlotte’s Web to get your CBD products!

About Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web backstory is a rather interesting one. From it, you can see the passion of this company to help people by creating CBD products that are of very high quality.

The Stanley Brothers created Charlotte’s Web. Their initial purpose was to help a little six-year-old girl named Charlotte Figi and her family. This little girl was suffering from Dravet Syndrome. This is a rare form of epilepsy that produces hundreds of seizures each week on the person.

Charlotte got up to the point of getting fifty seizures each day. So, none of the traditional medicine was working on her, and other alternative therapies had too many side effects on her. Until finally, she tried the CBD oil. After that, the number of seizures that she had was a lot less during the first week.

After noticing the positive results on their daughter, her parents looked for a brand that could supply a steady amount of oil for them. And that is when they found the Stanley Brothers. These brothers decided to create a marijuana strain in Charlotte’s Web.

Thanks to the dramatic improvement of Charlotte’s life quality, and the fact that the benefits of CBD oil were great, they decided to name the company after this little girl.

Featured Products

Nowadays, Charlotte’s Web offers a wide array of products. Not only oils and gummies but also topical pain relief and even CBD for dogs!

Keep on reading below to find out more about each one of Charlotte’s Web products that the Stanley Brothers offer. Here you will be able to find a description of each one of the products and their key features.

1. CBD Oils

Charlotte’s Web produces different concentrations for their CBD oils. You can find them in 50 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml, 17 mg/ml, and 7 mg/ml.

The 50 mg/ml was the first product that the company developed. Its formula is the high-quality original one. Alcohol-based is how they carry out its extraction process. You will be able to find 50 mg for each milliliter of oil.

Small batches are manufactured for this product. And its color depends on the source of the batch. Having different colors is that they do not incorporate colors to make sure that all of their products look the same.

You can find two different flavors for the 50 mg/ml. You can find them in olive oil and mint chocolate. And the best thing is that you can tailor it to your needs and the amount that you’re able to afford. The reason behind this is that it comes into packages: thirty ml and one hundred ml.

The 60 mg/ml is the product that has the highest concentration of CBD. CO2 is used for its extraction process. You can find this product in packages of one hundred ml and thirty ml. You can choose from several flavors: mint chocolate – MCT, orange blossom, and lemon twist.

The 17 mg/ml can be found in four different flavors: lemon twist, natural, orange blossom, and MCT – mint chocolate. It has a relatively low potency, even though it is not the lowest one that Charlotte’s Web offers. We do believe that it is probably the best for several beginners. And CO2 is used for its extraction process.

And last but not least, we have the 7 mg/ml. This product contains the lowest potency, which makes it the best for beginners. Depending on the person’s response, you may be able to up the power later on. CO2 is used for its extraction process.

This product can be found in thirty ml and one hundred ml packages. And it comes in several different flavors: orange blossom, olive oil – natural, lemon twist, and MCT – mint chocolate.

Key Features

  • Comes in different concentrations: 50 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml, 17 mg/ml, and 7 mg/ml
  • It uses whole-plant extracts with more than 80 cannabinoids, providing a more extensive range of possible benefits.
  • Helps you focus
  • Helps to manage stress from everyday life
  • Helps recover from inflammation provoked by exercising
  • Bits of help keep a healthy sleep cycle

2. CBD Gummies

The game can help you with very different things. They have been designed to help you with different aspects of your life.

There are three types of CBD gummies: calm, sleep, and recovery.

The first one has lemon balm and L-theanine, blended with a full spectrum hemp extract.

The second one helps you regulate your sleep cycles because its hemp oil has been blended with melatonin.

And last but not least, we have recovery. This one can help you reduce the inflammation that can happen when you exercise for long periods. For this one, GingerGinger and turmeric are blended with the hemp extract.

The best part about this product is that you will be able to find a package that contains the three gummies mixed.

Thanks to its low THC content, an athlete shouldn’t have any issues during a drug test.

Key Features

  • They are gluten-free
  • Calm has seventy-five mg of lemon balm and ten mg of CBD on every serving
  • Sleep has three mg of melatonin and ten mg of CBD on every serving
  • Recovery has twenty-five mg of GingerGinger, fifty mg of Curcuminoids, and ten mg of CBD on every serving
  • Thanks to the different formulas, you can choose the option that will help you the most

3. CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules are the best for people who don’t like to feel like they are getting oil inside their mouths. And it is advantageous for people who have to take the CBD while moving from one place to another.

The main difference between the capsules and the oils is that the capsules have organic extra virgin oil added.

To prevent leaks, the capsule has a secure band. And how the capsule is made reduces the oxidation and helps to maintain the high quality of the ingredients’ integrity naturally.

You can find this product in two different potencies: fifteen mg and twenty-five mg. And you can find in every capsule the number of milligrams that they contain.

Key Features

  • They are gluten-free
  • It comes in different potencies: 25 mg and 15 mg.
  • They are one hundred percent vegan and kosher
  • Helps you focus
  • Helps to manage stress from everyday life
  • Helps recover from inflammation provoked by exercising
  • Help keep a healthy sleep cycle
  • Best for people who can’t take oil because of their taste

4. Topical Pain Relief

CBD topicals are generally attainable over the counter, and they are of pharmaceutical grade.

You can find on Charlotte’s Web two lines of product: CBD clinic and CBD medic.

CBD clinic is reserved for medical practitioners. The FDA has approved some of its ingredients for pain relief which are also CBD infused. These products are made with full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp. This is because some people want THC on their products, and some people don’t like it.

CO2 is used for its extraction process. This way, they can improve the safety of the product by ensuring the purity of the product. You can find this product in packages: forty-four-gram jars and three hundred and fifty-five milliliters. The first one is recommended for less intense pains, and the second one is recommended for pains that are considered more intense.

You can find these products with different scents: unscented, ultimate revive, and relax.

And then, we have CBD medic, which is available for everyday users to help the healing process of joints and muscles and help reduce fatigue for people who tend to exercise a lot. Under this line, you can find three different products: active sport tropicals, back and neck, and arthritis cream.

The active sports topicals have camphor and menthol. In this, you can also find tea tree oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, beeswax, and peppermint oil. This cream acts relatively fast. You will be able to feel its effects around 10 minutes after you apply it.

Product is a product that provides relief for the neck and the joints. Helps with severe pain. It comes in a tube with 40 g, which contains one thousand six hundred mg of CBD. In this, you can also find menthol, camphor, clove oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and beeswax.

And last but not least, the arthritis cream. This cream has different ingredients because its sole purpose is to relieve the pain provoked by arthritis. Adding to the ingredients contained in their products that we have mentioned previously, you will also be able to find purified water and shea butter. There is some behind this that they enhance their effect on joints that have arthritis.

Key Features

  • They are gluten-free
  • They are one hundred percent vegan
  • They haven’t been tested on animals
  • It can be applied during the day or night
  • Helps recover from inflammation provoked by exercising

5. CBD for Dogs

We know that you care for your dog’s health just like you care for your health. So, of course, you want to invest in quality products for them. Charlotte’s Web has excellent products for your dogs.

You can find 17 mg drops, as well as calming chews, chews for their hips and joints, chews for senior dogs, and canine hemp-infused balm.

Let’s talk about the 17 mg drops first—a full spectrum of cannabinoids that are hemp deprived or featured in this extract, whole-plant hemp. You can find it chicken-flavored or unflavored. And it has a plastic graduated dropper, which helps you use it a lot easier.

They are made with human extract because they are the best you can find with Charlotte’s Web. You can find it in two different sizes: thirty ml and one hundred ml.

Then you can find the calming chews. Please contain a botanical blend of chamomile, passionflower extract, Valerian roots, and naturally occurring CBD. All of these ingredients help to calm your best furry buddy.

Because not only humans are the ones, you can get stressed. These chewies taste like chicken for dogs to enjoy while keeping them relaxed.

Then we have the chews for their hips and joints. This product will help keep your puppy’s and old buddies’ joints healthy as well as their connective tissue. Because what dog doesn’t like to play, jump, and run all over the place.

So, to help relieve the stiffness that may come to their joints occasionally, Charlotte’s Web makes sure that their hip and joint chews for dogs have chondroitin, turmeric, and glucosamine infused in their full spectrum hemp extract.

Then we have the chews for senior dogs. Every person wants their dog to live a whole and fun life. And for that to happen, those furry buddies need to stay sharp. So that is why these chews help enhance your dog’s brain function and provide natural support for their brain’s health and cognitive function, among other things.

These chewies are chicken flavored and have elderberry, DHA, and vitamin E, among other blends of botanicals together with full-spectrum hemp extract from Charlotte’s Web.

And last but not least, we have the canine hemp-infused balm. This bomb has naturally occurring CBD and was created to keep healthy skin for your dog and support them with their skin when sensitive. The benefit of this bone is that it keeps the regular moisture of the skin, and it also maintains overall skin health. You can find it in a 1.5 ounces tin with four hundred and fifty milligrams of hemp extract.

Key Features

  • It contains no pesticides or harsh chemicals
  • It helps improve your dog’s health
  • Its quality has been tested more than twenty times.

6. CBD Isolate

The best thing about the CBD isolate is that it lets you decide the amount of hemp extract that you use in your daily routine. You will determine when you need it and how you need it to better your everyday life.

CBD isolate relatively easy to adjust when you want to increase or decrease the amount of hemp extract that you will take for your molecular and cellular health to feel as balanced as you can, regardless of what you are going through in your life.

This product is ideal when you need to manage your daily stress and keep your calm to focus. And they can also help you regulate your sleep cycles and recover from the inflammation that comes from exercising.

High-performance liquid chromatography is used to test this product to ensure that it doesn’t contain more than thirteen pp millions of THC.

CBD isolate is unflavored, and it contains twenty mg of CBD in each one ml serving. And it comes with a dropper too.

Key Features

  • You can decide the level of CBD that you take daily
  • Is unflavored
  • Helps you focus
  • Helps to manage stress from everyday life
  • Helps recover from inflammation provoked by exercising
  • Help keep a healthy sleep cycle

More about Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is based in Colorado, United States. It is mainly known for its CBD oils, but the recent expense of its product line makes them able to provide you with different application methods. So now you can choose how you take your CBD.

This company promotes natural wellness for the human body by using whole-plant extracts because their main aim is to better the lives of every other individual through the use of botanic.

An excellent part about this company is that they offer access online to the results of their lab tests. And you can access this by using the specific batch number, which you can find on the packaging or bottle of your Charlotte’s Web CBD product.

Product Finder

Charlotte’s Web uses a relatively simple product finder. You only need to answer three relatively simple questions, and then you’re going to be able to find out which is the best product for your lifestyle.

The first question that you need to answer is the reason why you or the person that needs the product needs to use The CBD product, whether it is to relieve stress, to reduce the inflammation that comes from exercising, to get healthier-looking skin, to better your sleep cycles, to increase your focus, to better your general wellness, or another reason.

The second question has to do with how much the reason that you chose affects your daily routine. Were there, it has a significant impact, or a minor impact, or a relatively moderate one.

And the last question has to do with the feature that you find more relevant for you. This could be that you wanted to be unflavored, or easy to transport, or easy to swallow, or easy to customize, among other options.

Once you answered these three questions, you will get a product recommendation that best targets your wants and needs.

Shipping & Returns

The first thing that you need to know is that they only ship within the United States. For orders which are over seventy-four dollars, ground shipping and handling are free. And if the order is for less than seventy-four dollars, the ground shipping and handling will cost eight dollars and ninety-nine cents. Once you have placed your order, you will generally need seven business days for ground shipping to get the package to your house.

Charlotte’s Web also allows for expedited shipping and handling (next day air or second day). In this case, orders placed before noon MST will be fulfilled the same business day. And if you order after that time, your order will be shipped on the following day. United States holidays and weekends are excluded.

At checkout, you are going to be provided with the full terms of purchase. If you agree to them, you agree to understand that those products you purchase have plant compounds from hemp oil.

Since the FDA hasn’t evaluated those products, they cannot make any claims regarding the benefits of their products. Therefore, should you choose to buy their products, you are doing so based only on your opinions.

Each one of their products has a customer satisfaction guarantee of thirty days. You can return the portion of the product that you haven’t used if you are not satisfied. And if you return the product during those thirty days, you will get a full refund.

Charlotte’s Web test all of their product’s quality and inspect all of their shipments before they leave their warehouse. So, you need to check your product carefully to make sure that it hasn’t been damaged upon delivery.

If it has been damaged, you need to claim within forty-eight hours. If I declare it needs to be done, make sure to contact them and provide them with all of the information of the damaged product, including a complete description of what the damages are on the product.

What Are the Benefits of Creating A Charlotte’s Web Account?

There are several benefits that you can find when you create Charlotte’s Web account. You will get for every outer ship order that you make a ten percent discount. You are going to get free 2-day shipping for your 1st auto-ship order. And you are going to get free order for your seventh consecutive one.

To get started, you need to press on the “subscribe and save ten percent” switch for any qualifying products. And then, you need to choose the frequency in which you want your shipment to be delivered. You can choose to get it delivered every three months, two months, one month, six weeks, two weeks.

After completing this step, you will get your shipment automatically with the ten percent of the shipping discount included, so you don’t need to think about this anymore.

And the best part about this is that you can cancel your subscription at any time. And you can also pause it or keep it by just clicking one switch. So there will be no need to stress about this subject.

By subscribing, you are also going to be able to earn reward points. Subscription orders and one-time purchases can achieve these points. But their rewards points that have been achieved through subscriptions can be redeemed only on purchases of non-subscription products.

These reward points can be used to try new flavors or products before beginning a new subscription. Do remember that reward points expire three hundred and sixty-five days after you have earned them, so remember to use them at regular times.

Final Thoughts

Charlotte’s Web has several products that can help you get a better lifestyle. So now you are going to be able to find every single product that you need for yourself in a single place. Not only to reduce your pain caused by the many hours that you have spent in the gym.

No, with the help of Charlotte’s webs CBD products, you are also going to be able to have more healthy-looking skin, better your sleep cycles, improve your focus, and reduce your stress.

And a significant part of Charlotte’s Web’s company is that they also think about our furry friends. With the help of Charlotte’s Web, now you can also provide your dogs with better care for their health. With tasty treats and soothing balms, both you and your dog will be very excited to become a customer of Charlotte’s Web.

So now that you have seen a detailed summary of the different products that Charlotte’s Web can offer you, make sure to head to their website and choose the products that better suit your lifestyle (and that of your dogs too)!

Do yourself a favor and improve your overall general wellness by getting your CBD products by Charlotte’s Web right now! You will not regret making that choice.

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