Should I give CBD to my pet?
March 28, 2019


CBD and pets

The mere idea that CBD can be related to pets can surprise some of our readers, but most of you will be intrigued to know that your pet too, would benefit from CBD in equal degrees like you, that is when used in optimum quantities. Pets, just like human beings suffer from a string of variable diseases, the only difference is that they cannot identify and relate their problems with as much as us and this makes treating their symptoms all the more difficult. In cases like these, resorting to continuous dosages of painkillers and antibiotics have the capability of ruining their health further and thus, the owner must switch to something that has a natural origin and will not prove harmful for those innocent subjects in any way. In the following section, we will tell you how your pets will derive fruits of positivity when introduced to CBD. 

  • They relieve pain

The anti-inflammatory property of CBD works as a sheer masterstroke to relieve pain in humans and pets alike. When your pet ingests a CBD edible or is applied with the oils and tinctures, their pain can be gradually eliminated without making them nervous or restless following the dosage. Furthermore, CBD works in a very holistic manner; instead of freezing their nerves and curbing the pain, they simply create a safeguard around the cells of the muscles that have swollen and caused the pain in the first place.

  • Anticonvulsant

Pets often fall prey to convulsions that may stem due to different reasons, and when the owners witness a situation similar to this, they are left baffled and do not understand which would prove to be an appropriate course to heal it at the earliest. CBD is hailed as a natural anticonvulsant- they perform incredibly well when working on seizures, tremors, tics, and spasms.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

When dealing with stress and anxiety, our pets too are quite vulnerable to its evils just like human beings and sometimes even worse. They do not feel like going outside or socializing and tend to coon in their corners and delve deep on the passions that hold them back. The common signs of anxiety in pets are sleeplessness, reduced appetite, aggressive behavior and an inclination to turn away from the world most of the time. Studies have shown that CBD can be utilized as a potential component that manages the symptoms of severe mental conditions including that of acute anxiety and depression. CBD doesn't come with the common side-effects of antidepressants that usually cause seizures, hyper-enthusiasm and reduced movement in the long run.

  • It limits tumor growth

Probably the most powerful quality of CBD is that it assists in controlling tumors in pets and the painful aftermaths of cancer. Studies have confirmed that CBD creates a safeguard against colon cancer, especially on rats by controlling their development, growth and further spread of the malignancy. Additionally, they are also antiemetic, meaning, they reduce the tendencies of vomiting and nausea, the ones which are the common repercussions of cancer.

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